January 2020 It will be interesting to see how the colours change on these autumnal leaves which will be used to wrap bundles.

November 2019 Newly bundled bag which needs sealing up. Just a few more rows to go.

September 2019 Harvest time - seeds and berries collected from garden and field.

July 2019 Cherry bark bundle waiting for wrapped objects to be inserted before being placed in a knotted bag.

May 2019 Leaves from the field maple (Acer campestre) used to wrap small objects to be placed in my knotted bags. Inspired by 'How to wrap 5 more eggs- traditional Japanese packaging' by Hideyuki Oka.

March 2019 Shroud 2- included in the Sally Evans Events Artist Showcase exhibition at 'A Little Bird Told Me Gallery', Wendover HP22 6DU from 1-31 March 2019

January 2019 A Few of my Favourite Things. 'Empty Vessel' 2018 (detail).... this piece will be included in the exhibition. 'Found' natural material, overhand knots and paper yarn are my favourite things to work with so I am really pleased to have my work exhibited at the Upstairs Gallery.

November 2018 Experimenting with different patterns of knots to try and get enough stability to support a structure using these dried allium stalks.

September 2018 After using these red kite feathers for blueprinting a shamanic cloth, they are being attached to cover a knotted memory bag.

July 2018 Collecting more interesting material. These were a gift from a return visitor to Bucks Art Weeks. Which section should I use ?

May 2018 Getting ready for Bucks Art Weeks. Knowing when to stop….

March 2018 Currently working with 'found' objects, I have been given a bag of odds and ends of string, some already knotted. How to create a new structure incorporating these remnants ?

January 2018 Altered Book Project Carbon 14- compounded (detail) - Initially it was difficult to work into a book with stitch and knot but this one was destined for pulping and once I had started I wanted to see how it was transformed. As a first attempt I was pleased that it was included in and fitted well with the exhibition 'Ex Libris: Altered Books' at BucksCountyMuseum.

September 2017 Finding this old abandoned wasps' nest has led to the next series of my constructed bags.